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Find an answer to your questions in the FAQs section. If you still want help, you can reach out through my chatbot. 

Digital Morton is the best digital copy of me I could make and can answer about 99.9% of your questions.  If he can't you can always ask to leave me a message and Digital Morton will pass it along and I will respond as soon as I can.  

  • How long does it take to set up an automated income stream?

  • They can be set up very quickly, sometimes within a matter of hours in the case of crypto trading bots, but most income streams like Affiliate Marketing and Print on Demand take a few months to build an audience.  

  • Can I automate my existing online business?

  • Probably.   Depends on many factors.   I did it with a physical 3D printing business, and then applied it to other online businesses.   If you would like to book a consulting call for me to evaluate your business and I see if can create a custom automation action plan for you, we can do that.   

  • How much money do I need to invest into a platform to earn at least 2k, 5k, 10k, etc per month from crypto trading bots?

  • This totally varies with what you are trading, what your expectations are, and how much risk tolerance you have. There is no one size fits all balance to have, but in general - consider this : If a major coin shows a history of fluctuating by 1% daily, and you have 20k invested, then you only need to capture the 1% gain 10 times in a month and you have 2k per month profit in your pocket.  

  • Do you ever host workshops walking us through how to use automated trading platforms?  

  • Not currently, but I may in the future.  I offer video tutorials, free, and sometimes you can connect with me in chat and through comments.

  • What if I loose money using the platforms you specify?

  • This is possible. The automated tools I show you and help you learn how to use - must be mastered by you - and as with any trading there is always risk. You must decide how much risk you can tolerate. 

    Note : ANY cryptocurrency has its value weighed against your native currency, and fluctuations in the crypto value against the native currency can create a loss.  Trading platforms are sometimes hacked, and they can have other issues that can create losses that are not related to your bots.  I am not responsible for any of your losses, and I do not offer financial advice. 

  • Will you take my money to invest for me?

  • No.  I am not a broker, I do not offer any investment services.  I cannot and will not take payments with the intent of earning a return or investing your money.   I am NOT a financial advisor.  Nothing I do should be construed as financial advice.   

    If you invest money into any of the crypto platforms I teach how to use - your money is invested in that platform, and I have nothing to do with that platform.   Any losses incurred are your responsibility, and I have no connection to the platform other than using it personally.   If a platform collapses or fails, I will be loosing something, just like you.

    I have not built any of these online tools - the apps and platforms I use are created by companies and professional developers. I just use them and I have a knack for explaining how I use them.  That is ALL you should expect from me, this website, and my YouTube / Blogs.  

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