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About Me


Automator, ChatBot Builder, Crypto Trader, Guitar Nerd, Hiking Enthusiast.

A few years ago I created a chatbot to run my cannabis tools business, and I haven't looked back!

I didn't just want a simple lead pipe.  I wanted my bot to handle ALL customer interaction, returns and exchanges, advanced tutorials, pretty much everything.

Since the creation of my first chatbot, I have been exploring tools to automate every aspect of my online businesses from product creation to customer support.  

I had one goal : for the bulk of my income to happen without needing my attention, so I can do other things.  

I did not want a "laptop lifestyle", I wanted to leave the freaking laptop AT HOME!  

With every new opportunity I always evaluate how much of my TIME will be consumed, and whether or not it will require more time per week than I am willing to give once it's up and running.  

I have selected only those opportunities and businesses which allow my income to grow without having to stay tethered to leads or engaging an audience, and without having to hire anyone.  

Disclaimer : I'll never show up in your direct messages, I will not message you first, and you'll probably have a hard time getting a response from me very quickly. My income is automated.  I didn't accomplish this so that I could be available for an audience all the time.  That would be WORK.  That is the first clue that what I am doing is working : I'm not always available.

What I Do:

Through my blog and YouTube channel, I show you the methods I have personally used to grow my savings from a few thousand dollars, to over 100k, in about 2 years, using crypto trading.  

I show you my online businesses, how I started with them, and how I automated them to the point where I barely touch them.

I cannot make guarantees that you will experience the same results.  But I can show you HOW I did it.  

I offer training videos, and I provide links to the platforms and services that I use.  

What I Don't Do: 

I am not a financial advisor. 

I am not a professional in finance.  

I literally say I am a regular guy who figured out how to make my income work for me. That is all.

I am not running a guru business, or a wealth pyramid.  I am not here to manage your money.  

If anyone reaches out claiming to be me and asking you for any personal information, they are a scammer.  You will literally never hear from me unless you message me first.  

And I will NEVER ask for personal information or request money.  EVER. 

Disclosure : for platforms that offer affiliate income, the links that I share are my affiliate links. 

Recent Comments

Holy crap.  These tools have changed my life!

Jessica K

I wasn't comfortable with trading crypto until I spoke with Chris.  He gave me the confidence to get started.  

Marcus O

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